We have just about wrapped up the re-comparison of all UK stores using the new matching algorithm

That means we are ready to start adding new retailers again!

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We have just released the following 22 new retailers for our UK users:

Ryobi (4.4⭐)

Chaos Cards (4.6⭐)

Total Cards (4.6⭐)

Poundland (2.1⭐)

PoundFun (4.7⭐)

VTech (1.3⭐)

Ideal World (3.9⭐)

Yankee Candle (1.9⭐)

Only5Pounds (4.8⭐)

Office Stationery (4.6⭐)

AV (4.9⭐)

UK Office Direct (4.6⭐)

Craft Stash (3.0⭐)

Character (4.8⭐)

Appliance City (4.8⭐)

3DJake (3.3⭐)

Choice Furniture Superstore (4.9⭐)

Coggles (4.3⭐)

Lamp Shop Online (4.3⭐)

For Your Little One (4.2⭐)

Case-Mate (1.9⭐)

Papersmiths (4.8⭐)

= Trustpilot Rating

New US retailers will be added once the re-comparison process has complete.