Understanding VAT Options in ArbiSource

'Not VAT Registered': This default setting suits those not VAT registered but still paying VAT on Amazon's fees. It's a common starting point for many sellers.

'No VAT on Fees': Ideal for non-VAT registered users exempt from VAT on Amazon fees. A key tip for registered businesses is the potential to request Amazon to waive VAT on fees, boosting profits and viable results - Click here to find out more

'VAT Registered': For fully VAT registered businesses, this setting adjusts calculations to include VAT on sales and reclaimable VAT on purchases. The profit calculator displays a new figure for total VAT due, with a detailed breakdown on hover.

The Importance of Accurate VAT Settings

Selecting the correct VAT setting is vital for precise calculations in ArbiSource. It influences your sourcing decisions by showcasing the true profitability of each product. Reviewing and adjusting your VAT settings to reflect your current business status is essential in optimizing your online arbitrage strategy.

With ArbiSource, UK Amazon sellers can navigate VAT calculations confidently, ensuring their financial data is accurate and their business decisions are well-informed.