Getting Started with Store Scans

Initiating a Store Scan is a breeze. Head over to the 'Store Scan' button on the Scans page, where you'll be greeted with an extensive list of retailers. You have the flexibility to view retailers by logos or names and can effortlessly search for specific ones using the handy search bar.

Focused Sourcing with Individual Categories

When it comes to selecting a retailer, you have two options. You can either choose all categories at once for a comprehensive scan or opt for specific categories. Selecting individual categories is highly recommended. It helps you zero in on your interests, avoiding irrelevant results and ensuring more efficient scanning times.

The Custom Link Advantage

Below the category selection, you'll find the 'Custom Link' section. It's a gateway to scanning unique categories not yet listed on ArbiSource. While we'll explore this feature in another video, it's a sneak peek into the customization capabilities of ArbiSource.

Streamlining Your Favorite Retailers

Regularly source from particular retailers? Simply click the heart button next to their name to favorite them. This feature ensures they're always at the top of your list, streamlining your sourcing process.

Scanning Multiple Retailers at Once

Store Scans aren't limited to a single retailer. You can mix and match categories from various retailers and conduct a single comprehensive scan. As you select categories, keep an eye on the summary on the right-hand side, where adjustments can be made. Additionally, if a retailer has cashback or coupon options, they'll be displayed for you to include in your calculations.

Setting Store and Amazon Cache Values

An integral part of the scanning process is setting the store and Amazon cache values. These determine how recent the data you're scanning is. We suggest a 1-day store cache for the best speed-to-accuracy ratio and a 12-hour Amazon cache for up-to-date data. If you need the latest information, you can opt for a 'None' Amazon cache.

Completing Your Scan

Before starting your scan, choose your notification and filter preferences. Once you hit 'Start Scan,' your scan enters the queue and begins. You can monitor its progress and view initial results in real time. After completion, the scan moves to the 'Completed Scans' section, where you can access full results, rerun the scan, or delete it.

In conclusion, Store Scans in ArbiSource are a game-changer for Amazon FBA sellers. They provide an efficient, customizable way to navigate through the vast world of online arbitrage, ensuring you find the most profitable products. Try it out and experience how Store Scans can elevate your sourcing strategy.