Xpath Finder Guide

The Xpath Finder Unveiled

The Xpath Finder is our latest game-changing feature. This feature allows users to add almost any retailer into ArbiSource, revolutionizing the way Custom Scans are created. With the Xpath Finder, you can now create a scan for any retailer, keeping all those valuable arbitrage leads for yourself.

Custom Scans - Your Secret Weapon in Online Arbitrage

Custom Scans have always been a powerful feature for sourcing unique arbitrage opportunities in ArbiSource. The addition of the Xpath Finder elevates this to a new level, particularly for Amazon FBA sellers seeking less-competitive avenues. This feature simplifies the complex process of scanning diverse retailers, reducing the time taken by over 90%.

Empowering User Experience

Early adopters of the Xpath Finder are already witnessing its impact, with feedback highlighting its ease and efficiency. This tool is not just about adding convenience; it's about empowering users, both seasoned and new, in the realm of online arbitrage.

"This is game changing"

"Made a custom scan in about 30 seconds"

"Its 100x easier"

Advanced Features for Enhanced Scanning

  • Auto-Filled Prefixes: This simplifies the process by auto-populating essential fields, streamlining scan setups.
  • Proxy Integration with ScrapeOps: A strategic partnership that circumvents retailer restrictions, vastly expanding your scanning reach.
  • Intuitive EAN/Barcode Finder: Have ArbiSource find the path to the barcode for you. Greatly improving the accuracy and relevance of your scans, crucial for Amazon FBA success.
  • Image Overrides for Quality Matches: Addresses the issue of low-quality retailer images, ensuring better matches.

Deep Dive into Xpath Finder's Efficiency

The Xpath Finder's efficiency lies in its ability to handle various website structures. In our testing with 100 retailers, it accurately generated xpaths for 80% of sites. Even in cases where tweaks are needed, the process remains vastly simplified.

Enhancing Your Online Arbitrage Strategy 

The Xpath Finder is more than a tool; it's a strategic enhancement for your online arbitrage business. Whether you're sourcing for Amazon FBA or other platforms, this feature offers a competitive edge. It's about working smarter, not harder, in the fast-paced world of online arbitrage.

ArbiSource's Xpath Finder is setting a new standard in online arbitrage sourcing software. Its impact on Amazon FBA and online arbitrage is undeniable, offering an unmatched level of efficiency and accessibility in Custom Scans. Dive into our comprehensive video guide and the Custom Scan Guide within ArbiSource to unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking feature.