The Power of the Panel Header

At first glance, the panel header in ArbiSource might seem like a simple information bar. However, it's where you will find the most crucial data. Here, you can instantly see the expected profit and ROI for a product, its current best selling rank, and information on the buy box. Understanding these metrics is crucial for making informed sourcing decisions.

The Deal Score: Your Sourcing Compass

One of the features in the panel header is the Deal Score, calculated out of 10 based on your personalized settings in your account. This score helps you quickly gauge whether a result aligns with your business goals and sourcing criteria. We will show you how to adjust this deal score in a later post.

Lightening Fast Analysis with Collapsible Panels

Efficiency in analysis is key in online arbitrage. ArbiSource's collapsible panels allow you to speed up your evaluation process. With a simple click, you can expand or collapse panels, focusing on top-level figures or delving into detailed historical data and images.

Inside the Results Panel: A World of Data

Each results panel in ArbiSource is meticulously designed to present all necessary information clearly and concisely. You'll find detailed product information from both the retailer and Amazon, including updated prices, stock levels, and more.

Reverse Searching Made Easy

ArbiSource takes reverse searching to the next level. With the 'Other Stores' button, you can instantly see all alternative retailers for a product, ensuring you always buy at the best price available.

SellerAmp SAS Integration: A Seamless Experience

For users with an active SellerAmp SAS subscription, accessing it directly within ArbiSource is a game-changer. With just a click, SAS opens within the platform, offering deep analytical insights without the need to leave your ArbiSource session. We will have a separate post outlining this integration.

The Profit Calculator

The profit calculator within each result panel is pre-filled with buy and sell prices, but you can adjust these figures to fit your business model. This flexibility allows you to see updated profit, ROI, and fees in real-time.

Historical Data at Your Fingertips

Understanding a product's past performance is crucial in online arbitrage. ArbiSource's product history graph displays price and Best Sellers Rank changes over various periods, providing a comprehensive view of a product's behavior.

Custom Buttons: Personalize Your Experience

ArbiSource allows you to tailor your result panels further with Custom Buttons. Add dynamic links to external websites, creating a workflow that’s uniquely yours. There will be a seperate post showing how to add your own Custom Buttons.

Actionable Insights in the Action Bar

The action bar at the far right of each panel is where you take your next steps based on your analysis. Add results to your sourcing list, check for cashback and coupons, or report mismatches – the control is in your hands.

In conclusion, ArbiSource's result panels are not just informational displays; they are dynamic tools designed to enhance your sourcing experience. By leveraging these features, you can make more informed decisions, streamline your workflow, and ultimately, boost your profits in the competitive world of Amazon FBA.

Stay tuned for more insights and tips to master ArbiSource, and happy sourcing!